Investment Overview


  • "With H.I.G. Europe's deep financial resources and industry knowledge, Anvis has found the long-term partner it has been seeking. This is a key step, allowing us to concentrate on growth and a sustainable strengthening of our earnings power. The partnership with H.I.G. Europe has been very well received by OEM´s on both a national and European basis which will further help to stimulate growth in the Company. H.I.G. Europe`s entrepreneurial spirit and dynamic approach have enabled Anvis to rapidly capture organic and inorganic growth opportunities to successfully pursue its strategy."   - Olaf Hahn,  CEO - Anvis Group

  • "We looked at many private equity teams when we were planning our MBO. H.I.G. was the only one that understood organic growth, efficiency and the opportunity to change the market. Their combination of real industrial knowledge and ambition makes them a great partner."   - David Leng,  CEO - Synseal

  • "Our partnership with H.I.G. has been critical for the profound transformation that FNZ has undergone in the past few years from a small New Zealand enterprise to an international force with a strong blue-chip customer base and impressive growth prospects. From enabling the execution of a complex trans-pacific buyout to providing the necessary resources and support to scale internationally and become a leader in our industry, H.I.G. has been an invaluable partner for growth."    - Adrian Durham,  CEO - FNZ

  • "A carve-out has many layers and is as complex a challenge as the reorganization of a company, only in a significantly shorter timeline. I am very thankful for the determined and dynamic support of H.I.G. Europe throughout this process. I am excited to continue Haltermann's success story with the support of H.I.G. Europe."   - Dr. Uwe Nickel,  CEO - Haltermann GmbH

  • "I am delighted to lead this important project with H.I.G. Europe as a long-term partner. Their team of professionals has actively supported me for almost a year, and has provided financial expertise, sharp knowledge of our sector and precious operational and industrial skills. I am confident this will be a very successful investment for all of us."   - Laurent Bruloy,  CEO - Looping

  • "H.I.G. Europe has been greatly supporting our business since 2007. During all these years, H.I.G. Europe has been a true partner - committed to grow our business and help us maximize its potential. This is further demonstrated by our most recent add-on acquisition of GDP in June 2011, which further enhanced the full range of solutions we provide to our customers around the world. With H.I.G. Europe´s help, we have become the leading player in the industry."   - Michel Vaissaire,  CEO - DIAM International

  • "H.I.G. Capital is a highly experienced partner for growth. Together, we will continue to expand the service range and specialization of 7(S), enabling 7(S) to offer an even more comprehensive set of services to its customers."   - Dr. Christian Speidel,  CEO - 7(S) Gruppe