We seek to invest in companies with leadership positions in niche markets

We invest in small and medium-sized enterprises, typically with revenues of up to $1 billion (depending on the specific industry sector), with high-quality, value-added products, favorable growth prospects, and proven, motivated management teams who take significant equity ownership positions in their companies.

We focus on several types of investments:

  • Control private equity investments: We seek businesses possessing leading market share positions, proven technologies, proprietary concepts, and/or strong brand names – in short, businesses with a sustainable competitive advantage. Moreover, we seek to participate in industries that have positive growth characteristics or stable competitive dynamics and are not highly cyclical or capital intensive.
  • Distressed assets and special situations: We seek companies with sound fundamentals, but which are now faced with an underperforming business or business facing strategic or operational challenges or complex structural issues. In short, we are looking for distressed companies with the potential to turnaround.
  • Growth / Development capital: We seek partnerships with entrepreneurs to provide the capital, expertise, and relationships necessary to build market-leading businesses. We are especially looking for companies in their late-stage development with proven technologies, products, and services.

With offices in London, Hamburg, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, and Paris, we invest in attractive companies throughout Europe. Our global capabilities are strengthened by additional H.I.G. resources in offices in Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Atlanta in the U.S.; Bogotá, Rio de Janeiro, and São Paulo in Latin America; and Dubai in the Middle East.