Our Team

H.I.G. Capital’s team of more than 500 seasoned investment professionals brings substantial operating, strategic and financial management experience to all our investments.

Executive Management

Sami MnaymnehFounder, Executive Chairman & CEO

Wolfgang BiedermannExecutive Managing Director & Head of H.I.G. Private Equity, Europe

Senior Leadership

Javier CasillasManaging Director & Global Chief Credit Officer of H.I.G. Whitehorse

Riccardo DallolioManaging Director & Head of H.I.G. Real Estate, Europe

Brendan DolanEuropean Chief Financial Officer

Andrew LiauManaging Director & Co-Head of Infrastructure

Pascal MeyssonManaging Director & Head of H.I.G. WhiteHorse, Europe

Markus Noe-NordbergManaging Director & Head of H.I.G. Europe Middle Market

Duncan PristonManaging Director & Co-Head of EU Bayside Capital

Andrew ScotlandManaging Director & Co-Head of H.I.G. Bayside, Europe

Managing Directors

Jaime BergelManaging Director, Head of Madrid Office

Ignacio BlascoManaging Director

Tobias BorkowskiManaging Director

Kenneth BortonManaging Director

Antonio BotijaManaging Director

Charles BourgeoisManaging Director

Olivier BoyadjianManaging Director, Head of Paris Office

John BruenManaging Director

Jérôme FouilléManaging Director

Stefano GiambelliManaging Director

Giovanni GuglielmiManaging Director

John HarperManaging Director

Rohin JainManaging Director

Florian KawohlManaging Director

Holger KleingarnManaging Director, Head of Hamburg Office

Christian Kraul-von RennerManaging Director

Raffaele LegnaniManaging Director, Head of Milan Office

Michael LucasManaging Director

Alessio LucentiniManaging Director

Stephan MadsenManaging Director

Mathilde Malezieux-DehonManaging Director

Alastair MillsManaging Director

Nishant NayyarManaging Director

Tareck SafiManaging Director

Chris ZlatarevManaging Director

Senior Team

João AlmeidaPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Luciano AnzanelloPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Antoine BaudessonPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Dominik BöhmPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Tiago CardosoDirectorH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Andrea CervesatoPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Antonin ChampagneDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Alessandro CorrentiDirectorBayside Capital - Europe

Dolores de la BrenaDirectorH.I.G. Realty - Europe

José María de LeónPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Borja de PariasPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Emeric DéramauxDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Richard DunnDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Federico FaravelliPrincipalH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Gian Matteo FranzoiaDirector H.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Riccardo GhezziDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Bernardo GuimaraesDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Romain HernotDirector Whitehorse Capital - Europe

Nicolas HoussinDirectorH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Alexandru HristeaDirectorWhitehorse Capital - Europe

Elias HuchlerPrincipalBayside Capital - Europe

Philipp KalveramDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Richard KivealPrincipalH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Marcel KochPrincipalWhitehorse Capital - Europe

Sebastian LorenzPrincipalWhitehorse Capital - Europe

Diego ModonesiDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Max NataliniPrincipalH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Tom NewmanPrincipalBayside Capital - Europe

Pierre-André OliveDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Danny OlmerDirectorH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Carlo PasqualeDirectorH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Thomas PetersenDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Mihai Popescu-GreacaPrincipalH.I.G. Infrastructure

Michael PothitosPrincipalH.I.G. Infrastructure

Halvor SandDirectorH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Dario SassanelliDirectorH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Fritz SimonsDirectorH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

James SmithPrincipalH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Philippe de Limburg StirumPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Adam TaylorPrincipalH.I.G. Private Equity - Europe

Richard TreacyDirectorH.I.G. Realty - Europe

Laurent VaillePrincipalWhitehorse Capital - Europe

Hendrik WorschechDirectorWhitehorse Capital - Europe

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