We take a flexible approach to private equity investments

Management Buyouts / Recapitalizations: We work closely with management teams, providing strategic and consulting services as well as capital to help them acquire their company and also with company owners wishing to diversify their holdings by selling a stake in their companies while staying involved and retaining operational control of their business.

Add-On Acquisitions: We provide the strategic and financial resources to enable company owners to acquire other companies which they have identified as attractive acquisition candidates to generate significant synergies and strengthen their positions in their markets.

Industry Consolidations: H.I.G. has extensive expertise in backing consolidations of fragmented industries and is highly experienced in providing the guidance and support necessary for the successful execution of these challenging transactions.

Restructurings/Turnarounds: We have the necessary skills and experience to invest in underperforming businesses as well as financially and / or operationally distressed companies, whether in the context of both in and out of court restructurings.

Corporate Divestitures: We have the resources and experience to quickly, and with a high degree of confidentiality, complete the divestiture of non-core or non-strategic assets of corporations with minimal disruption to ongoing business operations.

Public to Private Transactions: We partner with the management teams of middle market public companies to take their companies private in situations where the cost of public ownership far exceeds the limited benefit which such typically younger firms derive from it. Such transactions can also serve as a vehicle to increase management’s ownership stake in the enterprise.

Growth / Development Capital: H.I.G. provides growth capital to promising high-growth companies, typically by acquiring a meaningful minority stake in them.